SANS SEC503 – My overview

So last week I attended the SANS Summer London 2013 event and take part in the SEC503 – Intrusion Detection in-depth course. You may remember that this was one of the prizes I won for in the Cyber Security Challenge Masterclass (I was part of the winning team). The course is run over 6 days […]

sniffMyPackets: New feature video

Well it’s not really “new” but I haven’t blogged about it (something I’m getting worse at) so I thought I would. Just so I know where to find it if I ever need to.. So this video covers some of the new features I’ve added into sniffMyPackets since it’s release. The video is a few […]

sniffMyPackets: Finding Tor

I don’t normally do short random posts but I figure once in a while won’t hurt. So I’ve been busy working on new transforms for my Maltego pcap analysis package and things are moving along nicely. Part of my process is making notes on things I think would be cool to see and then working […]

sniffMyPackets (Beta) – Released!!

Hello readers, so I just want to say something before I get into the “meat” of this post…. (bear with me) I don’t work in InfoSec, I don’t have a full-time job where I poke holes in systems, or look at IDS logs and pcap files all day long (would be nice but..) but what […]