Scapy – pcap IP rewrite

Hello reader(s), this is just a quick post to share some new code I wrote tonight, you might find it useful or you might not. So I’ve been trying to think of some new transforms to write for sniffMyPackets and thought it would be cool to take a TCP stream and rewrite the source and […]

sniffMyPackets – The rebirth

Dramatic title I know, but in a sense it’s true. You may be aware that I started writing Maltego transforms for pcap analysis using the awesome Canari Framework. At the time it was a mini project where every time I thought of something “interesting” to find a pcap file I wrote a transform to find […]

Code: PDF hunter

So of late I’ve been playing around a lot with Scapy and pcap files, mostly for my sniffMyPackets project but also because it teaches me more about network forensics and python. The other area I’m starting to learn about is Malware Analysis and I’ve been spending some time looking at the Honeynet Project challenges. One […]

Scapy Guide: Bad checksum, naughty checksum

These posts will eventually make it into the guide but I don’t have the time currently so I will do a series of short posts as and when I can. Today we are going to look at packet checksums and how to ensure that when you are using packets within Scapy that you don’t send […]

Scapy Guide – The Release

Two weeks ago I posted about my intention to write a “dummies” guide to Scapy. So here it is “The Very Unofficial Dummies Guide to Scapy”. If you have read the online version it’s still worth a look as I’ve made it look all nice and shiny and added some additional content that wasn’t in […]