Scapy Guide: Bad checksum, naughty checksum

These posts will eventually make it into the guide but I don’t have the time currently so I will do a series of short posts as and when I can. Today we are going to look at packet checksums and how to ensure that when you are using packets within Scapy that you don’t send […]

Scapy Guide – The Release

Two weeks ago I posted about my intention to write a “dummies” guide to Scapy. So here it is “The Very Unofficial Dummies Guide to Scapy”. If you have read the online version it’s still worth a look as I’ve made it look all nice and shiny and added some additional content that wasn’t in […]

Environment Disclosure via #shodan

First of a big thanks to @achillean and his awesome website over at, the amount of information that gets collected and stored is mind-blowing. I had a brief email conversation with John when I decided to write this blog and at the time there were over 70 million records stored in ShodanHQ. So to […]

What’s in your lab??

So to make things a bit easier as I wander along the path of self enlightenment (or in this case learning more about InfoSec) I thought it was about time I built some sort of “lab” at home, so I can get a better idea of what happens when I say run a nmap scan […]

Man with a plan – My training plan

I’m not the most organised person, especially when it comes to staying focused on something (sorry was I talking about??). If you’ve read this blog before you would have picked up that I’ve decided to expand on my IT Security skills. To that end I’ve created a 12 month training plan, nothing fancy just a […]

Popping my cherry – B-Sides London 2012

On April the 25th 2012 a group of crack InfoSec professionals, enthusiasts, hobbyist and newbies (that’s me by the way), descended on the Barbican Centre in London for the security event of the year (in my opinion). That’s right; B-Sides London 2012 had arrived. Most of you probably already know what the B-Sides events are […]