Scapy – pcap IP rewrite

Hello reader(s), this is just a quick post to share some new code I wrote tonight, you might find it useful or you might not. So I’ve been trying to think of some new transforms to write for sniffMyPackets and thought it would be cool to take a TCP stream and rewrite the source and […]

sniffMyPackets – The rebirth

Dramatic title I know, but in a sense it’s true. You may be aware that I started writing Maltego transforms for pcap analysis using the awesome Canari Framework. At the time it was a mini project where every time I thought of something “interesting” to find a pcap file I wrote a transform to find […]

Code: PDF hunter

So of late I’ve been playing around a lot with Scapy and pcap files, mostly for my sniffMyPackets project but also because it teaches me more about network forensics and python. The other area I’m starting to learn about is Malware Analysis and I’ve been spending some time looking at the Honeynet Project challenges. One […]

Popping my Netwars cherry

So you may remember from earlier blog posts (before all the OSCP stuff) that I had started taking part in the Cyber Security Challenge UK contests. These are security related challenges that are aimed at providing cyber learning opportunities and possibly career opportunities to people with a passion for all things InfoSec related that aren’t […]

Penetration Testers are Cool??

A few days ago on twitter @markofu posted a tweet which at the time I didn’t give much thought to, but on reflection was actually true (especially in my case). The tweet went something like this. “Hi..How do I get into security, I want to be a pen tester??” -> why?? “I dunno, cos it’s […]

OSCP – My journey begins

You may remember that in some of my previous blog posts I mentioned that I was studying for my Security+ exam, well the good news is that I passed the exam nearly 2 weeks ago (there isn’t any bad news). The Friday just gone, I had a meeting with my big boss at work and […]

Are you up for the challenge??

Hello, apologises for the lack of posting I’ve been revising for an exam (which is tomorrow), regardless of that yesterday I took part in my first Cyber Security Challenge UK, I’ve never tried this sort of challenge before so was a bit nervous as to what to expect, in the end I scored 24/39 which […]