SANS SEC503 – My overview

So last week I attended the SANS Summer London 2013 event and take part in the SEC503 – Intrusion Detection in-depth course. You may remember that this was one of the prizes I won for in the Cyber Security Challenge Masterclass (I was part of the winning team). The course is run over 6 days […]

Cyber Security Challenge – The Masterclass

On Friday the 8th of March, the city of Bristol woke up to what they assumed would be a normal Friday in the vibrant city. What they didn’t know was that throughout the day 40 cyber security (made up of students, IT professionals, and even an English teacher from Scotland) hopefuls would be arriving from […]

Popping my Netwars cherry

So you may remember from earlier blog posts (before all the OSCP stuff) that I had started taking part in the Cyber Security Challenge UK contests. These are security related challenges that are aimed at providing cyber learning opportunities and possibly career opportunities to people with a passion for all things InfoSec related that aren’t […]

OSCP – Exam day..

Well the day had finally arrive, now I don’t like exams don’t get me wrong I’m happy that my brain soaks up information but I prefer to be able to recall it on my timescales and not with the pressure of a deadline. I had heard lots of “horror” stories about the OSCP exam and […]

OSCP – The lab report

So I had two weeks before my exam (more on that later) and all the machines in the lab were “owned” so it was time to write the “dreaded” lab report. Now like any techie, writing documentation of any sort is a painful experience and hearing from other people on the course I knew this […]

OSCP – Useful resources

Inspired by a conversation I had on twitter today with @Balgan (who has just started his OSCP adventure, so everyone wish him luck), and due to the fact that I’ve now managed to root all the boxes in the lab (thank you, thank you) I thought I would post some of the interweb based resources […]

OSCP – The final countdown

I started the OSCP (PWB) course back in July with 90 days of lab time. I’m now down to less than 30 and while that still may seem a lot, when you minus work/sleep/family time from it, it starts to bring on a mild sense of panic. Don’t get me wrong I’ve already achieved my […]