sniffMyPackets – The rebirth

Dramatic title I know, but in a sense it’s true. You may be aware that I started writing Maltego transforms for pcap analysis using the awesome Canari Framework. At the time it was a mini project where every time I thought of something “interesting” to find a pcap file I wrote a transform to find […]

SANS SEC503 – My overview

So last week I attended the SANS Summer London 2013 event and take part in the SEC503 – Intrusion Detection in-depth course. You may remember that this was one of the prizes I won for in the Cyber Security Challenge Masterclass (I was part of the winning team). The course is run over 6 days […]

Code: PDF hunter

So of late I’ve been playing around a lot with Scapy and pcap files, mostly for my sniffMyPackets project but also because it teaches me more about network forensics and python. The other area I’m starting to learn about is Malware Analysis and I’ve been spending some time looking at the Honeynet Project challenges. One […]

Crazy idea for 2012

Coming soon… So since I finished my OSCP course I been spending my time attempting to learn how to code in Python and working on my network forensic skills (which suck currently). To this end I’ve been reading the book “Violent Python” which is actually ideal for me, the examples are both practical and the […]