Beginners Guide to OSINT – Chapter 1

DISCLAIMER: I’m not an Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) professional (not even close). I’ve done some courses (got a cert), written some code and spend far too much using Maltego. OSINT is a subject I enjoy, it’s like doing a jigsaw puzzle with most of the pieces missing. This blog series is MY interpretation of how […]

Pandora – Maltego Graph Thingy

I talk to a lot of different people about Maltego, whether its financial institutions, law enforcement, security professionals or plain old stalkers (only kidding) and the question I usually end up asking them is this; What do you want to do with the data once it’s in Maltego? The reporting features in Maltego are good, […]

Open Source Cyber Intelligence – Course Review

DISCLAIMER: This review is based on my own experience attending the course, and is no way affiliated with the training provider or my current employer. All opinions stated in the review are my personal views and should be treated as such. A couple of weeks ago (might be more) I spent the week in London […]

Canari – Breaking free of the cage

Like the title?? I figured as I haven’t posted for a while I ought to go for something a bit more catchy. So this post has two parts, the first is a bit “fluffy” the second is a bit more interesting. First an important piece of information (it does relate to this post). There is […]