Penetration Testers are Cool??

A few days ago on twitter @markofu posted a tweet which at the time I didn’t give much thought to, but on reflection was actually true (especially in my case). The tweet went something like this. “Hi..How do I get into security, I want to be a pen tester??” -> why?? “I dunno, cos it’s […]

Man with a plan – My training plan

I’m not the most organised person, especially when it comes to staying focused on something (sorry was I talking about??). If you’ve read this blog before you would have picked up that I’ve decided to expand on my IT Security skills. To that end I’ve created a 12 month training plan, nothing fancy just a […]

Don’t be shy, give it a try.. Mentoring

Apologises in advance if I ramble during this post or if it seems a bit long, there is a point to it and hopefully it will be come more clear as we go. DISCLAIMER: The following post is the random collections of my thoughts and opinions and has no bearing or relation to the InfoSec […]