HoneyMalt – Maltego for Honeypots

So in my normal fashion, the other week I came up for another Maltego/Canari project while still not having completed most of the other projects I’ve started. That being said I like to keep things interesting so today I give you HoneyMalt. The love child of the Canari Framework, Maltego and Kippo (SSH Honeypot), HoneyMalt […]

Python: Kippo 2 Cuckoo

So I’m a bit late with this blog post as I wrote the code a couple of weeks ago, but as they say “better late than never”. A couple of weeks ago on Twitter @stevelord raised a question about the existence of some code that would allow you to take the files that evil hackers […]

Honeypot: Kippo Pi

I’m sure you are all aware of the awesome RaspberryPI machines and no doubt you’ve thought of a number of fun things to run on these little machines whether it’s a media server, home automation system, web server or a penetration testing drop box. Up until last week I had resisted the urge to buy […]