Maltego: Email/Person/Alias to Skype ID

So ages ago the guys at Paterva (the makers of Maltego) challenged me to write a public Maltego transform that would perform a lookup on an email address and returning the matching Skype user account. I can’t quite remember when they set the challenge but today after much research and a lot of trial and error I can announce that the I’ve finished my Skype transforms.

Currently there is just two transforms available (I need to tweak the others) which takes an email address or an alias (Maltego entity), in the end there will be three available. The final set of transforms will be:

1. Email to Skype (available)
2. Alias to Skype (available)
3. Person to Skype (coming soon)

All three of these transforms are available as part of the Media Monkey package which you can find more details out about HERE.

The transforms are called:

mmEmail2Skype (takes an email address entity)
mmPerson2Skype (takes a person entity)
mmAlias2Skype (takes an alias entity)

Here is a nice screenshot of what it looks like in action.


DISCLAIMER: This transform does not in any way use a modified Skype client and only makes use of legitimate API’s provide by Microsoft and Skype.