Media Monkey – Social Media transforms for Maltego

I’ve spent the last few weeks working on a set of Maltego transforms, the idea being that hopefully they will allow you to query more Social Media sites and get useful information back from them. Now for a change they aren’t local transforms (meaning you have to install them), instead I’ve made them all TDS transforms which makes it easier for you (and more work for me).

Not wanting to break from my silly naming conventions they are named “Media Monkey” slightly inspired by the Chaos & Security Monkey created by Netflix (but in no way associated to them).

Now before you get all excited and starting using them, there are some conditions..

1. Still a work in progress – basically more will be added, some might be changed (or removed).
2. They run on a small server – I’m paying for this so at the moment there isn’t a lot of grunt behind them. Sorry but it’s free so I’m hoping that’s enough for you.
3. All the transforms are over HTTPS and I don’t log anything, unless I turn on debugging for development purposes. IF I do, there is a small chance I might grab a request, but to be honest I’m not interested in what you search for.
4. The most important one.. I am in no way, shape or form responsible for how you chose to use these transforms. Act responsibly (we are all adults) and if you get yourself into trouble its your own fault not mine.

The transforms at the moment cover the following:

GitHub (you need an API key)
Gravatar (surprising how much stuff people put in those profiles)
Amazon Wishlists
BT Phone Book (UK only, still working on it)
BitBucket (this one will likely change soon)

I’ve got loads more to add so the list will change over time.

You can find all the documentation (yes yes I wrote some documentation) HERE

I’m always looking for feedback (good or bad) so if you have ideas, suggestions or even complaints (although I reserve the right to ignore those).



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