MalwareCon – UK Community Malware Conference

So last week I had a bit of a “rant” about the community and how despite sometimes being difficult to get in with is something that everyone should try to do. One of the areas I covered was about not being afraid to start an event/meetup if there wasn’t one in your area. Even if 1 person turns up it’s a start and gives you something to build on.

Well over the last few weeks I’ve been having a similar conversation with @zyx2k about Malware. Every since I took part in the Cyber Security Challenge Masterclass I have wanted to improve my Malware related skill set, for me the best way is to read, practice and ask other people for advice. The first two are easy and all down to me, the third is a bit more challenging. Within the UK there isn’t much of a Malware community, well not one that is open and available to all (I might be wrong but..), so @zyx2k “challenged” me to do something about it.

So here I am about to embark on my biggest challenge yet, organising and running a community driven, UK Malware conference (think BSides, but all about Malware) to be held in the early part of 2014. I know crazy/stupid or what, but I’m hoping it will work and be something we can build on each year. There will be a website soon, with news about the event and I’m hoping to build it into something awesome, but I need YOUR help.

Yes you, it’s a community event and to be honest I need some help (a motley crew so to speak) so if you want to help out let me know or drop me an email at: or if you don’t want to help but want to keep abreast of updates you can follow on Twitter: @conMalware

The official website is:

The sort of help I’m after can include some of the following:

Web designers
Malware analysts that want to share research
Crew (either for the day or throughout)

If you have no experience in Malware you can still help out, don’t let something like that stop you from taking part (look at me I have no practical experience with Malware)…

Well hope you like the idea and let’s make it something special…


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