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Scapy: pcap 2 streams

Morning readers, I thought I would start Monday morning with another piece of Scapy/Python coding goodness. This time though for an added treat I’ve thrown in a bit of tshark not because Scapy isn’t awesome but for this piece of

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Scapy: pcap 2 convo

So the 3rd blog post of the day is a cool function in Scapy called conversations. Essentially this takes a pcap file and outputs an image of all the conversations between IP addresses. To run this in Scapy you would

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Scapy: pcap 2 dns

So the second piece of code in my series on the python & Scapy lovefest is another simple bit of code that looks through a pcap file and pulls out some DNS information. The initial thought behind this was making

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Scapy: pcap 2 geoip

So I’ve been a bit “relaxed” lately with blog posts, simply because I’ve not had anything to say or share. To be honest the last couple of months my training has gone a bit all over the place and I’ve

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Python: Kippo 2 Cuckoo

So I’m a bit late with this blog post as I wrote the code a couple of weeks ago, but as they say “better late than never”. A couple of weeks ago on Twitter @stevelord raised a question about the

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Scapy – pcap IP rewrite

Hello reader(s), this is just a quick post to share some new code I wrote tonight, you might find it useful or you might not. So I’ve been trying to think of some new transforms to write for sniffMyPackets and

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Code: Junk Email Downloader

So a while back someone on Twitter (sorry can’t remember who..) mentioned that when looking for sources of Malware to analyse you shouldn’t overlook your junk/spam emails. What a good idea I thought, lets write some code to do that

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Code: PDF hunter

So of late I’ve been playing around a lot with Scapy and pcap files, mostly for my sniffMyPackets project but also because it teaches me more about network forensics and python. The other area I’m starting to learn about is

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sniffMyPackets: Finding Tor

I don’t normally do short random posts but I figure once in a while won’t hurt. So I’ve been busy working on new transforms for my Maltego pcap analysis package and things are moving along nicely. Part of my process

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sniffMyPackets (Beta) – Released!!

Hello readers, so I just want to say something before I get into the “meat” of this post…. (bear with me) I don’t work in InfoSec, I don’t have a full-time job where I poke holes in systems, or look

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