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Netscalers: Making sense of the cookie – the finale

So this is the final part to my Netscaler cookie series. If you haven’t read the other two blog posts you may want to just so this makes a bit of sense.. Part 1 Part 2 All make sense now?? … Continue reading

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Netscalers: Making sense of the cookie – part 2

At the beginning of the week I wrote here about the Cookie’s that the Netscaler uses for persistence. In that post I explained how I discovered that the Cookie name was encrypted using a simple substitution cipher. The cookie value … Continue reading

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Netscaler: Making sense of the Cookie – part 1

Today was the first day back after my Christmas break, so it was a bit “slow”. Never to sit around being bored, I was writing up some notes on Netscaler cookie’s for an ethical hacker called Alejandro Nolla who has … Continue reading

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Netscaler: rpcNode issue

A few weeks ago I upgraded the firmware on our front facing Netscaler appliances. I have a love/hate relationship with Citrix firmware upgrades, the last one managed to break the hardware on one of the appliances which resulted in it … Continue reading

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Netscaler: Making your own dashboards

Welcome reader(s), as you will come to learn I will probably post a lot about Citrix Netscalers. The main reason for this is because where I work we have 9 Netscalers in total and I have the privilege of being … Continue reading

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Netscaler: Basic Command Cheat Sheet

Over the last few years I’ve spent a lot of time working with Citrix Netscalers, check out for more details (yes I know I’m lazy). A lot of this work I do via the command line, yes there is … Continue reading

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